Launching Kellogg’s MyBowl gave nutrition professionals a new tool to teach their clients the importance of portion sizes and balanced nutrition at breakfast.

The MyBowl brand uses bands of color to represent food groups and the ideal ratio of dairy, grains and fruit to eat in one sitting. This simple visual cue allows nutritionists to educate clients of all ages and languages and literacy rates with ease. The same colors were used to graphically delineate information in nutrition class workbooks and promotional boxes used to ship MyBowl kits. We also commissioned Michigan artist Jeff Blandford to craft a limited run of custom ceramic bowls to introduce the MyBowl concept.
By creating a relevant, ready-to-use resource that makes it easier for nutrition professionals to succeed in their jobs, we helped strengthen Kellogg’s ties to this important audience.

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Kellogg's MyBowl Box
Kellogg's MyBowl Box Open
Kellogg's MyBowl Bowl
Kellogg's MyBowl Wheat Pattern
Kellogg's MyBowl Box Detail
Kellogg's MyBowl Workbook
Kellogg's MyBowl with Corn Flakes and Blueberries
Kellogg's MyBowl Workbook