Creating a food truck for Kellogg’s Nutrition equipped them with an attention-getting way to deliver fresh ideas and product samples at any event on their busy calendar.

This transformed vintage truck has become an iconic symbol for Kellogg Nutrition. For over four years, they have used it to promote the MyBowl campaign, deliver healthy breakfast foods to thousands of conference goers, and serve as a dynamic photography backdrop for pictures with the Mini, Tony and Corny mascots. Wherever Kellogg goes next, they know the truck is ready to go with them.
The truck’s design was the catalyst for an extensive range of communications including educational materials, e-blasts, invitations, and posters to name a few. We love how one strong idea can be a springboard for years of good solutions.

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Kellogg's Nutrition Truck
Kellogg's Nutrition Truck at Conference
Kellogg's Nutrition Truck Grill Detail
Kellogg's Nutrition Notepads
Kellogg's Nutrition Conference
Kellogg's Nutrition Email Invitations