Amerifirst is ranked as one of the fastest-growing mortgage companies in the US, a feat they’ve accomplished by focusing on people who don’t fit the conventional mortgage lending criteria—including many who live in rural areas. Their business is built around giving every client the personalized attention and education they need to achieve their goals and helping people from all walks of life find a realistic path to homeownership.

Square One intentionally created a new brand that is 180° from the traditional style used by most of the financial industry. Not only did it help Amerifirst stand out from the competition; it also demonstrated the friendliness and positive role they bring to their relationships with clients. The inviting color palette, genuine photography, and illustrations of neighborhoods and farms nods to their diverse clientele, and a knowledgeable, approachable voice puts first-time homebuyers at ease. Altogether, the new brand positions Amerifirst as a trusted guide to help people navigate the mortgage process, providing the inspiration and encouragement they need to become a homeowner.
The brand was launched in August 2018 to a townhall meeting of over 800 employees and loan officers from across the country. We supported its launch by working with an internal team to develop all of the brand parts and pieces for immediate distribution.

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Brand Identity and Strategy
Environmental Graphics
Print Design
User Interface Design

Photo of father and daughter and Amerifirst Logo.
Amerifirst folders.
Amerifirst booklet.
Women, mad, and dog jumping on bed.
Two spreads from the Amerifirst booklet.
Amerifirst Billboard.
Amerifirst Illustrations.
Amerifirst black polo shirt and logo.
Amerifirst coffee cup.
Amerifirst website.
Amerifirst website on iPads.
Amerifirst Thank you cards and envelopes.