One event, one million perspectives. The design for ArtPrize 2013 provided an open aperture for artists, venues, sponsors, and visitors to frame their own vision and experience, and no two were alike.

The die-cut poster became an interactive canvas, inviting people to literally fill in the blanks with any color, pattern, or texture that caught their eye – even 3D objects and motion were fair game. We also gave venues simple geometric shapes and frames and encouraged them to play with these elements to make their own art and window displays. Our planning for this year’s event began just weeks after the awards were announced for the 2012 event.
We’ve promoted ArtPrize every year since 2010, a massive project that involves developing a theme, communicating with sponsors, unveiling the poster, producing the guidebook, and designing over 100 other projects for this 20-day cultural event. With over 150 venues in the downtown area, dozens of speakers, educational programs, and special events happening each day, and over 750,000 visitors, there are hundreds of elements to fit together into the ArtPrize brand.

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ArtPrize 2013 Animated Gif of Poster