What’s the true value of an event like ArtPrize? The organization’s annual report demonstrated how the community’s investment (and curiosity) were rewarded in 2013.

As a non-profit organization, ArtPrize relies on support from donors and sponsors to keep the event alive and well. We helped them create an annual report that showed both the tangible and intangible return on their investments.
Curated photos captured the energy and excitement of the event and highlighted some of the activities events that donors and sponsors funded in 2013. Bold infographics made sure that impressive data about visitors, demographics, vote counts, media impressions, and the economic impact could not be missed. All together, the piece worked as both a record of the year’s highlights and a proof of ArtPrize’s value to the community.

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Print Design

ArtPrize Annual Report Cover
ArtPrize Annal Report Die Cut Detail
ArtPrize Annual Report Spreads
ArtPrize Annual Report Info Graphics
ArtPrize Annual Report Spread