After generations of selling B2B, this mirror manufacturer needed a brand that spoke to their new consumer base.

We revamped the brand from the ground up, creating a palette of elements that are full of personality to connect with online consumers. A series of B logos and a friendly, fresh voice injected the brand with energy, and the colorful illustrations by Anna Isaeva turned dry technical information into compelling vignettes. The brand’s photography incorporated playful props and approachable people with the goal of inspiring consumers to want to bring the product into their own home.
Entering the online marketplace meant Better Bevel needed a site that was just as easy to use as the e-commerce giants, but more rewarding. Their new site makes browsing fast and easy, empowers consumers with measuring and mounting tips, and provides a user experience that feels seamless and satisfying.

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Brand Identity and Strategy

Art Direction and Styling


Print Design



Digital Design

Better Bevel logo
bathroom with rectangle mirror
B logo
installation illustration
Better Bevel photography of man listening to music
Better Bevel photography of a women's room
Tall rectangle mirror in green room
Better Bevel packaging
Better Bevel website homepage
Better Bevel photography of women in blue room
Better Bevel stickers
Notepad with sticker
Illustration of women opening up mirror package
photography of man reading newspaper in green room
asymmetrical mirror in blue bathroom
B logo
instructional illustrations
photography of women hanging up mirror
better bevel website and mobile layout