The Gateway Transformation Project was a $45 million public/private initiative to significantly enhance the travel experience at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The unique funding model required a campaign to reach large corporate, philanthropic, and private sponsors. Our role was to develop the communication materials for this fundraising campaign.

The Grand Rapids airport is the first impression visitors have of our city, so it’s vitally important to all community leaders to make sure it’s a positive one. This campaign aimed to strengthen that impression through several upgrades, including consolidating TSA, improving baggage management, creating stronger retail environments, and enhancing the overall airport experience. Square One created the theme and information graphics to present a compelling case for supporting the project. Leveraging the airport’s impressive growth statistics and merging those with key issues from industry leaders created the common ground for sponsorship. We also used iconic airport symbols and colors to bolster the messaging.
At the eight-month point, the campaign had secured commitments of $41 million. Our client expects to conclude the campaign within months, and the Gateway project is on track for completion in 2017.

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Print Design

Gateway Transportation brochure cover surrounded by desk objects.
Detail of infographic inside the brochure.
Close up of page with graphs.
A spread in the Gateway Transportation brochure.
Close up of Gateway Transportation handout.
Backpage folder with handouts.