As the nation’s top trailer manufacturer, Great Dane was planning a three-day event to introduce its new tools, services, and products to an audience of 750+ salespeople. This marked the first year the company would address the entire sales force at once, so they wanted a strong theme and visually compelling environment to inspire and unite their team.

Leveraging their focus on the road and their excitement about moving in new directions, we developed the theme “The Territory Ahead.” Using topographical maps, road signs, and our own national park patches as visual cues, we created a space where attendees would discover new areas. Adventurous copy encouraged the sales team to visit key zones and activities where they could explore Great Dane’s new tools, services, and products.
The theme transformed the Savannah Convention Center inside and out. We welcomed attendees with a large topographical map graphic on the exterior entrance and continued the map up 64 risers of the main staircase. Strategic landing zones and presentation areas, complete with lounge furniture, plush “rocks”, and 3D “trees”, created gathering spots for conversations about exploring the new territory ahead.

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Savannah Convention Center entrance with topographic map graphics
Nametags for Great Dane Trailer's 2019 Sales Conference
Lifesize 3D cardboard trees designed to help transform the Savannah Convention Center
Topographic illustration used throughout different elements for Great Dane's 2019 Sales Conference
Tshirt that says "Nothing gets in my way" for Great Dane's 2019 Sales Conference
Road signage created for wayfinding in the Savannah Convention Center
Custom illustrations made for each of the learning areas at Great Dane's Sales Conference
The topographic map illustration wrapped up the stair risers inside of the Savannah Convention Center
One of our posters with a topographic map, and copy that invites attendees to immerse themselves in the new territory.
A phone showing a social media post we created for Great Dane using the map graphic, and copy meant to peak interest.
A variety of printed materials for the Great Dane’s Sales Conference including stickers, notebook wraps, and nametags