Henrickson is a boutique architecture and planning firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their new, iconic brand embraces the company’s expertise in the education market. Built around a bold monogram and bright palette, the logo embodies the firm’s namesake and measured approach to design.

Founded in 1995 by Dan Henrickson, the firm quickly found its niche in the education market. The brand re-design speaks directly to that market with its nod to a school monogram and bright, vivid colors. The “H” mark also visually depicts an I-beam, representing Henrickson’s stability, support and command in the industry.
Formerly Henrickson Architecture, Square One recommended re-naming the company to incorporate “Planning” into their moniker. The firm’s expertise and passion for master planning sets them apart from competitors and is essential to winning jobs across several markets.

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Brand Identity and Strategy

Logo Design


Print Design

Henrickson Architecture logo on blue background
Orange Henrickson Architecture coaster on blue background.
Henrickson Architecture coaster on orange background.
Henrickson Architecture business cards.
Close up for Henrickson gridded notepad.
Henrickson Architecture Stationery System