Do you know Joe? This hugely popular brand of Paramount Coffee was created with powerful typography and a healthy dose of humor…two unexpected qualities that created a paradigm shift on the coffee shelves and helped Paramount leap from a regional roaster to a player on the national level.

When the Michigan-based roaster Paramount Coffee wanted a new package design, we saw a chance to do something much bigger–create a new brand. With its bold, attention-getting personality, Joe became an instant hit, quickly earning a spot as the best seller in our client’s history.
That “little” project made Paramount a big believer in the power of design and branding. It also earned the company recognition outside the region, including a spot in the prestigious AIGA 365/Design Effectiveness show and an appearance in The Wall Street Journal. Since then, Joe has spun off into its own family of brands, paving the way for additional lines to expand Paramount’s portfolio.

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Joe Coffee Truck
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