When fiber was identified as a “nutrient of concern” by public health authorities, Kellogg stepped up its efforts to help nutrition professionals educate the public with a user-friendly guide, Know the Facts of Fiber.

Making complex scientific data accessible was the key to making this 30-page document feel fresh, inviting, and engaging. Dramatic grain images, strong colors for infographics, and visual messaging like the ring of fiber graphic helped demystify and clarify key facts about fiber.
By equipping nutrition professionals with explanations they could share with the public, Know the Facts of Fiber helped Kellogg increase its efforts to help close the fiber gap. The book has been so well received that it’s being translated into several other languages for international distribution.

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Kellogg's Fiberpedia Cover
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Kellogg's Fiberpedia Brochure Spreads
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Kellogg's Fiberpedia: A New Focus on Fiber Graphic