Kellogg’s wanted to demonstrate how its cereal could be used to boost the nutrition, taste, and texture of snacks and meals. The Mix for More Recipe Book promoted their products as a key ingredient in a collection of fresh, unconventional cereal mixes. 

Inspired by all the wonderful colors and textures that Kellogg’s chose for these mixes, we designed the recipe book to focus on these beautiful ingredients. We art directed photo collages for each recipe, hoping to make every mix look irresistibly delicious and inspire readers to create their own. Nutrition facts and tips are also sprinkled through the book to educate the readers.
This recipe book revealed the huge potential of Kellogg’s cereal beyond the typical serving with milk. It received high praise from readers for breathing new life into the cereal category and introducing fresh combinations for their daily meals.

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Art Direction and Styling
Brand Identity and Strategy
Print Design

The cover of the Mix For More booklet surrounded by fruits, nuts, and cereal.
A graphic that says "Enjoy"
An array of various fruits, vegetables, grains, and cereals.
Recipe spread on wooden table with a cutting board to the side.
GIF of recipe collages.
Close-up of recipe spread.