Repositioning a 100-year-old business sometimes requires a disruptive approach. From day one, we worked with new leadership at Montisa to re-think, re-imagine, and re-awaken their business as a relevant, customer-centric brand. The new strategy built on the best of the past—Montisa’s solid product and strong manufacturing roots—re-energizing those traits with updated marketing and a brand strong enough to carry the company into the next century.

A bold new logo and a signature color were the first steps to convey Montisa’s upbeat energy. We then layered on a strong voice and a photography style that blended industrial finishes with modern workplaces. A balance of old and new maintained Montisa’s credibility while drawing attention to their new look and feel. This approach was exemplified by “branding” every product with a logo + time stamp to underscore their authenticity, at the same time we renamed and reorganized product groupings to make ordering radically simpler.

The new brand successfully launched at Neocon East 2017 with a website, an updated tradeshow booth, and reorganized product offerings.

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