We put Nucraft’s passion for sophisticated finishes on display with this custom-designed kit, which shows off the entire collection in a way that’s both practical and inspiring.

Nucraft is known for delighting clients with its high-end finishes and attention to detail, and that experience dovetails perfectly with this kit of material samples. The cover of the box, brochure, and labeling system feature a faceted design inspired by the dimensional quality of surfaces. Varying finishes ranging from matte to metallic hint at the variety of materials in the collection.
Inside the box, we created an organized system to house samples in a wide variety of weights and thicknesses. Each sample is also labeled for quick identification, and a brochure provides a quick reference for all materials. All together, the kit makes browsing finishes an inspirational experience for designers.

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Nucraft Surface Materials Kit
Nucraft Surface Materials Kit Open
Nucraft Surface Materials Swatches
Nucraft Surface Materials Brochures Stacked Up
Nucraft Surface Materials Brochure with Veneer Samples
Nucraft Surface Materials Envelopes
Nucraft Surface Materials Box with Veneer and Marble