When OFS launched its sophisticated new table system Eleven, it was an ideal opportunity to reinvent the brand. We created a holistic visual strategy to elevate its image from simply well made to design-driven.

Located in Southwest Indiana, OFS Brands is a family-owned company that designs and manufactures furniture for the office, healthcare, education, and government markets. For the Eleven brochure, we art directed upscale creative environments to show how well the new line fit into a more design-driven atmosphere. A flurry of positive responses from designers showed we’d struck a positive chord, and OFS has now shifted its entire brand to this approach.
Recently, OFS also expanded its educational product line. We looked at furnishings from all five OFS brands and created a brochure that demonstrates how modular pieces and seating from several lines can be combined to support today’s more collaborative learning styles. This approach created new possibilities for existing products and helped OFS extend into a new market.

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OFS Brand Eleven Open Plan