Pineapple Procurement sources furniture, fixtures and equipment for boutique, lifestyle and luxury hotels. Working with a limited budget, Pineapple originally sought a simple website, but we encouraged them to rebrand at the same time to better represent their high-end capabilities.

By using Squarespace, we minimized website development costs, making room in the budget to build a cohesive brand story. We created a logo using common motifs from interior design to create a pineapple — the international symbol of hospitality. A yellow, white and black color palette unified the materials with a confident, cheerful look that reinforced the brand.
Sophisticated finishes and techniques were chosen to resonate with Pineapple’s target market, interior designers. Custom business cards with bright yellow edging and letterpressed notecards and coasters emphasize Pineapple’s attention to detail and understanding of the industry. To communicate how enjoyable Pineapple makes the procurement experience, we created a branded promotional kit in collaboration with On the Rocks, sending past and potential customers a fun-filled box of goodies.

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Brand Identity and Strategy

Digital Marketing

Logo Design


Print Design

User Interface Design

Pineapple procurement logo in white and yellow on a black paper background
Top down view of the Pineapple Procurement website homepage displayed on an iPad
A stack of Pineapple Procurement business cards with bright yellow edges
A balcony with lounge seating and yellow wire barstools
A bright yellow background with a letterpressed, patterned notecard and white envelope
A white Pineapple Procurement notecard shown with an open envelope with a stripe pattern on the inside flap.
A top-down view of two coasters, one with a black pattern and the other with the Pineapple Procurement logo in white on a dark background
Six small pineapple-shaped candies with a box on a gray background
A yellow box that reads, "In Good Spirits",with white pattern, showing the packaging for a box of goodies from Pineapple Procurement. The set includes two mini cocktail bottles, two coasters, a box of pineapple candy and a business card.
A yellow notecard from Pineapple Procurement on a gray background.