A water-inspired pattern and color palette encapsulated Rexair’s innovations in cleaning with water for their Rainbow Cleaning System.

Originally intended for packaging alone, this water-droplet design had such a revitalizing effect on the company that Rexair extended it to the entire brand, repositioning its water-based home cleaning system in a fresh new light.
We updated everything from packaging to spa fragrances and product literature. Following the release of the new materials, Rexair reported its most successful product launch ever, and its sales reps expressed an overwhelming amount of interest in the new boxes, fragrances, and cleaning solutions.

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Art Direction and Styling
Brand Identity and Strategy
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Rexair Rainbow Cleaner Packaging
Rexair Rainbow Carpet Cleaner Packaging
Rexair Rainbow Rainjet Pattern
Rexair Rainbow Boxes
Rexair Rainbow Boxes
Rexair Rainbow Brochure and Folder