Seeing and touching luxury products is a big inspiration for designers. For Scott Group Custom Carpets, the process of selecting colors for their hand crafted silk, wool, and cashmere carpets all starts with a set of colorful yarn “poms.”

We designed a custom pom box to give designers a tactile introduction to Scott Group’s incredible breadth of options and capabilities. The box displays 150 standard curated colors, creating an approachable starting point for customers to sample the literally millions of choices available at Scott Group. The exterior of the box features an elegant linen finish and matching, custom-dyed leather strap, which set the tone for the sampling experience before the box is opened. Inside, a printed grid identifies the color and swatch number of each pom for easy reference. We created a total of 100 pom boxes, which Scott Group has continued to update each season since 2012.

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Scott Group Pom Box
Pom box leather handle detail
Hand opening the Scott Group pom box
Colorful yarn poms
Scott Group logo
Close up of text inside pom box
Designers collaborating with carpet pom colors
Five colorful yarn poms
Closeup of colorful yarn poms