Scott Group Studio represents luxury interior brands curated from around the world. When the company began adding new brands to its corporate family, Square One designed a simple, understated identity system to serve as a strong foundation for its future expansion.

Throughout this process, the idea of a “studio” was at the forefront of our minds, redefining the company as a place where artisans create products using exquisite materials and meticulous craftsmanship. We let the beauty of their products tell the story, using bright white and black as an elegant backdrop to display custom rugs and carpets—from Hokanson, Scott Group Custom Carpets, and whatever other brands may be added in the future. The classic palette will allow the parent brand to age gracefully and embrace future acquisitions with ease.

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Environmental Graphics

Scott Group Studio logo
Scott Group Studio business cards
Scott Group Studio sample bag
Scott Group Studio greeting card detail
Scott Group Studio patterned cards