Say hello to Sparkeology. This little start-up captured the essence of new ideas—a spark—along with an approachable personality, quirky photography, and a passion for furniture.

Square One helped this company move from concept to NeoCon launch in just a few short months. We developed the spark logo and name to capture the energy of that ah-ha moment and built a brand personality that made them a media darling.
The energy and passion in the brochure, product sheets, and advertising was contagious. Sparkeology drew enormous crowds to its tiny pink booth at NeoCon, where we greeted them with pink logo cupcakes and covetable bags that flew off the shelves. Since then, Sparkeology has found national representation and added even more products to its portfolio.

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Art Direction and Styling
Brand Identity and Strategy
Exhibit Design
Logo Design
Print Design
Social Media Strategy
UI/UX Design

Sparkeology Logo
Sparkeology Business Cards
Sparkeology Letterhead, Business Card and Envelopes
Sparkeology Print Materials and Media Folder
Sparkeology Brochure
Sparkeology Website, iPad and iPhone Design
Sparkeology Tote
Sparkeology Cupcakes
Sparkeology Napkins
Sparkeology NeoCon Booth Design