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Herman Miller Ode Lamp

Herman Miller Ode Lamp

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Herman Miller’s launch of Sam Hecht and Kim Colin’s new Ode Lamp opened up a new product category for the company: a complete family of accent lighting. Eager to announce this exciting new product launch to industry influencers, they decided to go all-out by sending a sample lamp as the press kit.

Square One’s art direction called for strong color and minimalist propping. These distinct images have become iconic marketing tools in the promotion of the lamps. They caught the eye of the A+D market, earning the Ode Lamp a coveted place on the cover of Contract Magazine’s NeoCon Product Preview edition, and they’ve also been featured in Interior Design magazine.

The Press Kit

The package design took a playful take on the standard Herman Miller brown box, using a simple black and white decal and a custom reveal to present the lamp, brochure, and a signed introduction from the designers.

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