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The Concept

Steel, wood, and fast spell out everything about this company, including the first three letters of its name. The brand built on that, using a winged “S” logomark to highlight their commitment to speedy delivery. The color palette draws from nature, accented by punches of black and white. SWIFTLY’s voice is both playful and rooted in their love of craft. Witty messages introduce the brand to consumers while drawing attention to their craftsmanship and respect for materials.

“There are very few that just plain get it right every time! Having worked with the Square One team on rebrands and new brands, that has been the case. They are real people that care about your success, Square One is your “GO TO” agency….mic drop!”
— Mark Warren, Partner, SWFTLY

The Images

Two sets of images work together to tell the whole brand story. Renderings give SWFTLY a unique palette, with fresh hues that differentiate the brand from competitors and make it easy to identify. A photo shoot tells a much deeper story, providing glimpses of the personalities behind the company and the situations where their products can live. We built a photo plan with attention to every detail—from product colors and finishes to props, models, and locations. The images create inspiring environments that bring the brand to life.

The Website

SWFTLY needed a site that could pique the interest of potential customers while staying simple enough for them to manage in-house. Because working with SWFTLY is supposed to be fast, simple, and satisfying, we focused on making product information and details easy to find, while showing the products to their best advantage and using engaging copy to introduce the SWFTLY team and their values.

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